We are Sukafu Team, an Indie Game dev team from Brazil who likes Game Jams and making games and apps


Sukafu Team was founded when Andre Santos and Lucas Ventura met each other during the Global Game Jam 2014, and both were students of Game Development in PUCPR. Since then they have already participated in countless Game Jams all over the country, Andre even participated in the famous Train Jam, with new additions to the team they are now beginning to develop games and publish them, they are also making advergames.



There are currently no trailers available for Sukafu Team. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Most voted game in 2015 with "Ninja Sukafu II"" Curitiba's Global Game Jam site
  • "Finalist with "Ninja Sukafu II"" SBGames 2015
  • "Best Game with "Prevenchente"" Seeds Game Jam PUCPR 2015
  • "Most voted game in 2016 with "Sukafu Neon"" Curitiba's Global Game Jam site
  • "Best Game with "Bounded"" Winter Game Jam UP 2016
  • "Best Game with "Jornada Paralímpica"" Seeds Game Jam PUCPR 2016
  • "Art Showcase with "Sukafu Duel"" SBGames 2017
  • "Best Game with "Cartolaria"" Brasil Game Jam 2017
  • "Best Game with "Vida"" Seeds Game Jam PUCPR 2017
  • "Best Game with "Kingdom Blast"" Café Game Jam 2018
  • "Finalist with "Vida"" Golden Cube 2018
  • "Art Showcase with "Vida", "Doggonaut", "Kraken Escape" and "Plasma Invaders"" SBGames 2018
  • "Finalist with "Akina"" ICGJ 2019