Doggonaut is a fast action/puzzle game for mobile where the player takes control of the brave doggonauts, a group of doggos going after space cookies.



Doggonaut is the first published game by Sukafu Team for mobile platforms, what are you waiting to jump in and live this spacial adventure?


  • FAST ACTION: With simple controls, the game is easy to pick up but hard to master.
  • 60+ STAGES: All the stages are handcrafted to stay both challenging and fun.
  • ONLINE HIGHSCORE: Compare your score for each stage with Facebook friends.
  • GROUP YOUR CREW: There are 8 doggonaut skins for different dog breeds and nationalities.
  • PICK YOUR DIFFICULTY: The game has three different stage packs for "Basic", "Advanced" and "Harcore" players, which one are you?
  • CHALLENGING STAGES: Get ready for tough obstacles that the doggonauts will face in their journey.


Doggonaut - Gameplay TrailerYouTube

Doggonaut - Release TrailerYouTube

Doggonaut - BIG Festival TrailerYouTube

Doggonaut - Cinematic TrailerYouTube


About Sukafu Team

We are Sukafu Team, an Indie Game dev team from Brazil who likes Game Jams and making games and apps
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Doggonaut Credits

Andre Ferreira dos Santos
Lucas Ventura
Isabela Castro
Jean Quevedo
Sound designer, Musician